Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Dadiot YouPodTubeCast!

I'm starting a youpodtubecast! Currently, the audio is hosted here, where I've got up the first chapter of one of my favorite books on politics, The Politics of Obedience (mostly a placeholder, but I do want to record audiobooks of my favorite obscure books), and I want to make other resources available too.

So, what is the premise, what sort of thing will I be doing?

First and foremost, I want to take shit that people wished they could do and sit down and make first steps towards those impossible-seeming goals.  First actions, a gathering of materials and resources, and an actionable path forward.

Second, and fucking important too, I want to make these topics as un-intimidating as possible. To this end, I have a planned mixture of adult episodes where guests and I tackle all sorts of cool shit while having a hackathon with a case of beer or a bottle of wine or some cannabis (where it's legal)- because even rocket science isn't rocket science to rocket scientists- and the other approach to making impossible-sounding topics not just possible, but things kids do in their garages, is by getting kids and building the first steps of the awesome things with them, giving them the skills to go forward, and letting them take things to completion.

In case this needs to be spelled out, there will be *NO* overlap between kids and drugs.  Drugs aren't for kids.

This actually ties directly into the steam turbine project, because that is an example of the kind of thing that I think it's reasonable for the average 4th grade class in the rural US could reasonably build over the course of a month or two, and a motivated kid could build her own in a few days, accounting for the time it takes to make the windings in the motor. And by design, the same should be true of an Ethiopian kid who gets the kit airdropped into his village or the kid in rural China scrounging wire from busted TV's.  Neither of these are in a vacuum, although they are separate efforts there will be some deliberate overlap- right now the plan is to have an instructional build series as a set of youpodtubecast episodes.


So, since there are a variety of data delivery vehicles available, the premise of this endeveavor is t:
  1. Record everything
  2. Chop it up according to medium; a collection of especially useful pictures and still frames from video, chop by audio only, chop by action on video only, 
  3. Compress the repetetive stuff down (so this is time lapse build vids on youtube, cutting out bathroom breaks in convos for podcast-specific audio, etc.

Once that production is done, the release process is to publish each Episode as
  1. A YouTube video, 
  2. A podcast episode on the iTunes and Android stores,
  3. An infographic, image gallery, Powerpoint or whatever the fuck to present graphical data that can be consumed on low bandwidth connections. a visualized cliff notes is the goal, with graphics of the whole thing together assembled and in use, and then with the major parts laid out and their basic operating principles noted.

GUESTS? WHAT! For what?

Well, the premise of having guests on is to bring a variety of new and unique perspectives- I am deliberately shooting for a combination of "Holy shit I've heard of them, they're the best at X" and "who the fuck is that?", because the whole premise of bringing science to the masses is that fucking everyone can fucking do anything, you just have to fucking do it.  So if I get rockstars and whatever, I'll be happy about that and regard it as an accomplishment, but that's not the point of doing this and I'd be happy doing it completely without them.  Give me 3 drunk rednecks who flunked out of high school and a few raspberry pis and an eighth of weed, a 12 volt power supply, a few batteries, and not only will they have made their first robot at the end, they will be able to take that and go do more with it.  I want people who think they couldn't possibly do any of this shit, because everyone can do it. it's just a matter of doing it.

What sort of Episodes Do I have planned/ am I pursuing?
  • Wardriving and web and mobile security. How does data move through a network, where does it go, how does it get and stay safe, how do bad guys and good guys intercept and use it against you?
  • Food Foraging- obtaining usable nutrition from the wild, starting in the pacific northwest and moving around the country from there.
  • Glass Blowing- a few different ideas here, I have an idea for turning mason jars into faraday-cage observation jars for raspberry pi cameras to do high altitude and space observation
  • Raspberry Pi Dildo- this started as a joke, but I've actually had two seriously doable ideas, and there's even an instagram pic of one doodle of a parts diagram up already on this.
  • Raspberry Pi Fireworks launcher controller- fourth of july's gonna rock.
  • Raspberry Pi electric vehicle
  • Raspberry Pi Smart House functions
  • An episode on movie weapon stunt-fighting- how do fight scenes like crouching tiger get made, how do you train to do that and how do they record, and how much of what you see is really what it looks like, and what does the real parts of that look like compared to actual historical martial arts?
  • Various episodes on Languages and language learning.
  • I have this idea for an episode about the variety of experience based on the exterior social perceptions- I've lost about 100 lbs and have seen that first hand, and there's also a HUGE difference in experience between, eg, the blizzard of dick pics most women seem to get on the internet compared to the complete lack of engagement particularly physically not-perfect single males seem to have from all sectors, including each other. So the idea is to get a few different extreme perspectives, and the intent is to take this variety and quantify what sort of difference the experience is and what that means and what the game theories are for the different actors, socially, and especially online.
  • Audiobooks! I have a number of books I'd like to turn into audiobooks for easier consumption

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